Used Scion Parts

Scion is the marquee of motors made by Toyota Motor Corporation especially for the North American market. It is rare to hear that a brand of products have been made for the sole purpose of distribution in one area—most want to distribute internationally and globally. This brand has not had a long history and was founded in the year 2002 which is fairly recent. The makers had a thought in mind that not only should these cars be for the North American market, they should also be designed especially for the Millennial Generation. The first models to hit the town were the Scion xA hatchbacks and the Scion xB wagons which were sold in California in 2003.

Since this model is fairly recent, it has not had much luck getting a lot to its consumers. The features and standard of the car are all well and good but cars such as these rarely get the opportunity to be appreciated. The most recent two models of cars—the Scion XD (2007) and the Scion IQ released in early 2011 are the models getting some recognition. Consumers are still unsure why they should purchase these cars. The biggest advantage to a consumer is the fact that Scion operates under Pure Pricing. This means the consumer will only pay the amount written in the magazine, seen on a billboard advertisement or on the TV. No extra charges, no hassle just straight and pure. But if your car is not behaving nicely, this might be the time to replace a few parts, and that’s when you can ask us to help you select the best used car parts.