Used Mercury Parts

Ford Company is parent company of Mercury cars and its operating in market for seventy years. Lincoln cars and other ford models also operate under Ford Motors name. Mercury was developed for people who have a particular life style, but with passage of time the brand becomes obsolete and the parent company feels there is no need to re position or re brand Mercury cars.

At present no money is invested in further research and development of new cars, the current policy of mercury motors is to sell the cars available in stock and stop the operations, that leaves the current owners with big question mark as there would be difficulty in re-selling their cars and find spare parts in case they get out of function.

To answer their queries and to serve existing client base Ford motors has advised valued customers to stay in touch with all information posted at website, the cars can be serviced through ford centers if Mercury car centers will no longer be in operations. Moreover, the customers of Mercury cars can always contact ford motors and their dealers for Mercury car accessories.

The decision took place in year 2006; all the resources will be pulled from Mercury brand and will be invested in Ford and Lincoln cars which have strong position in marketing and are neck to neck competing with Cadillac, Pontiac and Chevrolet in luxury cars category. If you have any of these models and want some performance boost, you may want to contact us for some used car parts.