Used Lincoln Parts

Lincoln Cars: The Best Luxury Cars Available

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that Lincoln cars were not started by Ford Companies rather they have separate origin. The Lincoln cars come into being in early nineties to be exact 1917, when Henry Leland started this motor company after name of his favorite president of America Abraham Lincoln. Henry was also founder of Cadillac Car Company that is also known as Henry Ford Company.

The company Lincoln was not started to manufacture cars instead the purpose was to build jet engines for the air craft’s to help United States of America Army during World War One. Later when war was over, the factories were re-invented to build automobile parts. It was later in year 1922 that due to some financial difficulties Henry Leland has to sell Lincoln’s to Ford Motor Company.

As soon as Ford Motors acquired the operations of company they make few basic changes to body of car and lowered price drastically which help them to boost their sales and the Lincoln was able to establish itself again as running company. Later the journey continued and Lincoln keeps coming with new models every year including two passenger roadsters and seven passengers Limousine.

Lincoln cars had so much hype that it was considered as personal choice of many state officers and presidents. It is believed that first Lincoln vehicle was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt in year 1939 and since then it continues. And if you have one of these cars and need used spare parts for them, just give us a call.