Used Land Rover Parts

Land Rover specializes in four-wheel drive vehicles and is one of the most popular car manufacturers in Britain. In fact, the company is actually the second-oldest company as far as four-wheel-drive cars are concerned – it’s second to Jeep. Tata Motors India now owns this company.

The name of the company is actually because of a popular model of a car they launched in 1948. This model was called the Land Rover. After that, there were several other models including the Discovery, Defender, Range Rover, Freelander, Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

The research and development process of Land Rovers is done at JLR’s GAydon and Whitley engineering centers. It is due to this research and development that these cars are highly appreciated and around 194,000 vehicles were sold on 2009.

An interesting thing about this particular company is that it has seen a number of owners during its history. Leyland Motor Corporation owned it in 1967, but this particular company later turned into British Leyland. It was the result of it merging with British Motor Holdings. After this, the company, Land Rover was bought by British Aerospace. It was during 1988, but the owner changed again in 1994 when BMW acquired the company.

Today, Land Rover sells some beautifully designed vehicles. These vehicles not only look beautiful but also perform amazingly well. But if something goes wrong, you can always contact us to find used car parts to make your Land Rover perform as if it’s new. So, what are you waiting for?