Used Ford Parts

Ford is one of the oldest in the automobile industry starting from the United States in 1903, known for being the pioneers of large scale manufacturing of cars and incorporating moving assembly lines for the first time ever. It is the second largest automaker in America and the fifth largest in the world based on annual sales report in 2010. During the 2009 automotive crisis, Ford quickly reduced its debt from $33.6 billion to $14.5 billion.

Ford also operates two offshoot brands namely Lincoln and Mercury. Lincoln is an American luxury vehicle brand whereas, Mercury was an entry-level luxury car manufacturing company slotted between Ford’s branded regular and Lincoln’s branded luxury cars. But Ford announced the closure of Mercury in 2010 due to very low sales rate. Some of the relatively successful cars include first generation Mercury Cougar and second generation Mercury S55. While Lincoln has been producing luxury cars since 1922, with some of the famous models include 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, 1956 Lincoln Premier and 1960 Lincoln Continental among others.

Ford Mustang 1964 is an American Icon in itself, with its distinctive body features and a convertible, making it one of the most remembered and sought after classic cars of all times. Other notable names of their times and still a collectible item and revered names in the automotive circle include the muscle Ford Thunderbird and Ford Torino. After the automobile crisis in 2009, Ford has resorted to more fuel efficient and environmental friendly cars with lesser carbon foot print like Ford Focus, Ford Fusion and Ford Fiesta.

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